Artist Biography – David Nasater
Like many photographers, David Nasater started his photographic journey at a young age taking snapshots with his trusty Instamatic Camera on family vacations. It was when he saw the results from taking photo at a Kodak Photo Spot at Disneyland that he realized that there was more to the process than just pointing and shooting. He began to see the importance of composition and view in the making of images. Later came 35mm and medium format cameras, darkroom classes and more experimentation.
Since moving to the Sacramento Valley in the mid-1990s, Nasater has been exploring the region’s agricultural landscape. The next pivotal point came when he took a class Beyond Landscape at the Davis Art Center and was introduced to alternative ideas of Landscape Photography.
“I’ve begun to explore ideas outside the tradition of grand landscape photography which resulted in images that are more intimate and closer to home” says Nasater. “My goal is to use the landscape and the objects in it to represent aspects of the human condition. Our fragility, power, and emotions”
He has exhibited predominantly in Northern California and his works are in several private collections. Nasater has won many awards for his works, including Best of Show at the 30th Annual Vacaville Juried Art Show and the Juror’s Award at the 2018 California State Fair.
Nasater has a degree in Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. He is mainly self-taught in the art of photography and is a member of several Photography and Art organizations. He currently lives in Woodland, California with his wife Paula.