Artist Statement – David Nasater
I consider myself a landscape photographer. But instead of traditional grand landscapes of the natural world, I am drawn towards those smaller in scale and more personal. Most are taken close to home and are more human in nature. Elements of man’s influence often inhabit my images whether a cityscape, an old barn, a modern wind turbine or just the rows of trees in an orchard.
In my recent projects, I am creating detailed images of natural objects such as flowers, plants, fruit, etc. using a flatbed scanner to emulate the luminosity and depth of field of a large format camera. Like my landscapes, these images are personal in nature and reflect objects of interest to me that are often found in my yard or on local walks.
My goal in photography is to select a piece of the world, reduce it to a narrow view two dimensional object that still captures the essence of the subject. I typically create monochrome images to force the focus to the subject, away from any adornment or other distractions. My goal is to create an image that will not only speak to the viewer, but to enter a dialog with them. To bring questions to the viewer’s mind, answering some and expanding on others.